Our goal is to help our partners reduce accidents and reduce costs to build sustainable organizations. We do this with safety training, safety talks, and
safety consulting services. We can help you, too!

Modern learning needs to engage employees into high performers. Retention of knowledge at the point of need is critical for the growth of the organizations. From microlearning to gamification to other learning solutions, now is the time to update your learning organization to maximize results. We have a variety of learning platforms that reach employees anytime, anywhere on any device.

Whether you are in the C-suite or on the front lines of production, we can address your safety keynote and seminar needs because we have worked at all levels and ‘walked in your shoes.’ Job responsibilities and motivators are varied, and the message must be targeted to the audience. All safety talks bring out the best in employees and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Your safety results are flat, and you are seeking fresh ideas to gain some traction for the safety program. Look no further. Whether you are starting with a blank sheet of paper or a mature safety organization, we identify the gaps and put new solutions into practice to strengthen your safety culture. We can measure a number of safety variables using our software assessment tools.


Our Operations Managers team was so inspired by Dr. Perry that we brought her into
each of our business locations. Employees there are constantly reminded with
their ‘safety bandana’ that safety is 24/7.  

My employees are buzzing every morning about the individualized safety quiz
question they received. I can’t believe my eyes; they are actually TALKING
about safety. Now, I do not need to be the safety cop.

We had a dysfunctional Safety Committee and all we did was fought. At the end of Dr. Perry’s 2-day workshop, the guys learned how to be productive, narrow in on priorities, work to gain consensus and get results. On top of that, they actually APOLOGIZED TO EACH OTHER. Dr. Perry offered 6 months of follow-up FREE, and we took advantage of that, too.

“If you think safety is expensive, try accidents with medical and workers’ compensation costs”

― Dr. Isabel Perry

Employee Engagement Drives Business Results.
Ask About Our Solutions for These Results.


Safety Incidents Reduced


Absenteeism Reduced


Employee Turnover Reduced

*Source: Gallop Consulting


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