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18 Examples of Active Safety Leadership

Active Safety leadership for sucess- By Dr. Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety

Organizations that have undergone major safety culture changes often agree that management commitment is the single “overwhelming” factor in achieving an effective safety and health program. Management leadership is a constant demonstration by the key managers in an organization that safety and health is a critical element of daily operations. The following 18 examples are…

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How Bloomingdales Saved $2.2 MILLION in Safety Costs in ONE Year

Success in safety costs - Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

Have you tried all the conventional methods for training……classroom training, posters, toolbox-talks, brochures, one-sheet reminders, and even e-learning? Yet, the impact on the bottom line for reducing accidents and reducing costs is not there. Moreover, to make matters worse, your associates are in various locations and difficult to reach which makes consistency lacking. Does all…

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