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“Leadership Skills for Success: 18 Lessons Learned on the Links” — Motivational Keynote Speech

"Leadership Skills for Success: 18 Lessons Learned on the Links" -- Motivational Keynote Speech

Golf and leadership are each based on mastering basic fundamentals, making choices and dealing with the consequences of your decisions, learning and listening to others, controlling emotions, and respecting other players. Starting with “tee time” and taking you through 18 ‘holes’ Leadership Skills is a dynamic, entertaining, content filled motivational presentation that connects safety leadership…

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25+ Ideas to Increase Employee Participation in Safety

Ideas to Increase Employee Participation in Safety - By Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety

Employee participation is vital to the success of safety and health programs. The workforce members often know the most about potential hazards associated with their jobs. Successful programs tap into this knowledge base. The following ideas may help encourage employee participation for safety. Action Item 1: Encourage workers to participate in the program By encouraging…

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Seven Tips to Lead Change Successfully

Tips for Success in Change Management - Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

One of the key competencies required of all individuals today is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to any change that comes along. This skill is needed even more in today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, where it is expected that we demonstrate some “change agent” skills. These skills enable us to lead ourselves,…

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