Build Your Own Mobile Web App

Most organizations have binders, manuals, file folders and bookshelves full of notebooks that collect dust. Yet, this information is critical to the organization, its employees, customers, vendors or others. Imagine if you could build a password protected portal for others to access anytime, anywhere on any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.) without an IT department? No more waiting in line and paying astronomical prices.

Our platform is easy to build with an accessible interface, giving your viewers a site that anyone can easily navigate. It is built in responsive design to conform easily to adapt to any screen size (smartphones of all types and sizes, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

No more squinting at the small lettering on your smartphone, scrolling side-to-side, or having information drop off the site. DIY MOBI solves all those problems. You can have your own mobile web app in 24 hours. Let's get started. View our short video below.

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DIY Mobi - 21st Century Safety

Why Use a Mobile Solution?

PDF60% of the workforce is in the field and most likely your current website does not function well on a small screen. You might use Flash (does not work on an iPhone), drop-down menus, or have a very cluttered look and feel.

Our mobile web platform solves these problems. Once you use our tools to create a mobile website, we customize the experience to look great on over 350 mobile devices! Your audience can navigate, learn, read and complete quizzes as easily as if they were sitting at home on their computer.

  • Through your own customized back-end, you have 24/7 control of your content to change and adapt as you move forward.
  • Unlike an app, no third-party approval is needed to push the content to your staff.
  • Though your website is optimized for mobile, the websites are viewable via tablets and desktops platforms.
  • Users don’t need to download any software; your site is easily accessed through a link (emailed or texted) or QR Code on any smartphone.

Text Messaging

TXT MessagingTexting is one of the most powerful mobile tools today. That is because practically everyone knows how to text, it is either free or almost free to most users, and it is immediate. With a simple text message, you can reach out to your employees with meeting reminders, sales updates, deliver links to a mobile web page to see more content, and engage in a live Q&A dialogue with your employees

  • Our web-based administrative platform allows you to create and modify text messages, send a message, or schedule a future alert.
  • Your users can either opt-in through their phones or you can upload specific lists. We can also integrate into your existing database to sync these lists
  • Your text message service from DIY Mobi includes the short code (carriers charge you $12,000 a year for this; we include it at no charge), a primary keyword, unlimited secondary keywords, and easily accessed reports, available through your dashboard.


AudioWant to send an audio update to all your employees without gathering everyone into a conference room? Then DIY Mobi’s Audio Platform is the perfect tool for you. Our web-based platform makes it easy to record, upload and modify your audio content. You can then schedule the audio message be delivered to any group you wish at a pre-set time. Their phone rings, and instantly your message starts to play.

  • Send all sales people a message from the Director with encouragement, notices of product or price changes or any other event.
  • Training managers can record messages and have their voice delivered via phone to everyone in a specific training program.
  • Communications Directors can send company reminders of important dates and deadlines, having recorded a message from a senior executive.
  • Keep your audio messages also stored on your mobile website for easy listening from multiple devices.

Emergency Response Software

DIY MOBI provides 2-way instant communication and resources during a crisis… information is mobile, in real-time, without IT.

What would YOU do in a crisis situation?

We live in uncertain times. The world unsafe. People are nervous about going to public places— work, movie theaters, shopping malls, transportation centers, etc. A new software platform helps organizations of all types—-businesses, college campuses, airports, hospitals, government facilities — provide a system of communications so employees know what to do in emergency situations when things go wrong. People feel very vulnerable and this new password protected software platform helps increase safety in organizations by providing push-pull, real-time information on mobile devices, as well as information and resources for employees to assess during a crisis situation.

DIY MOBI is an organizations passcode protected, software platform that employees can access anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. Any enterprise can easily build their own mobile web app by using our interface to drag and drop documents, folders, video, without the need of an IT department. DIY MOBI provides instant responsive, mobile design using the newest technology to adapt to any screen size (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops). After an organization creates a mobile website, the software programming customizes the experience to look great on over 350 mobile devices!”

Emergency Command Centers Employees2-way rapid response software provides real-time information

Information can be quickly and easily modified 24/7 to provide real-time data to access for any crisis. In an emergency situation, it would be advantageous for the Emergency Command Center to share real time, continuous feed information with employees:

  • The status of the situation throughout the entire ordeal (hours or days)
  • Areas where the situation is active and unfolding
  • Locations that are safe and could be evacuated
  • Access to the organization’s Emergency Management Procedures (usually in a notebook on the shelf)
  • Review of first-aid procedures (video or audio files) to administer to injured individuals when the situation is clear and before first-responders and ambulances arrive
  • Notification when all is safe and evacuation is possible
  • Directions on where to go after the event to be accounted for and debriefed
  • Spreadsheets of information if the ordeal is lengthy

In an emergency situation, it would be advantageous for the employees to share in real time, continuous feed with the Emergency Command Center:

  • Description of the assailant, vehicle, etc.
  • Status of the situation in their area (6 shot, 2 dead)
  • Sounds, voices, comments (more than one?) of the crisis in their area

Terrorist attacks, lone shooters, natural disasters are inevitable. It is not a matter of “if” but rather “when”. The DIY MOBI software platform makes it easier for organizations to be prepared in order to save lives in these horrific circumstances that seem to happen more frequently with no warning and no idea of location or timing.

For see a full demonstration of DIY MOBI and all its uses, text DIYMOBI to 56512.

Content Storage

Content StorageProduct Information Directory
With mobile websites, management can announce contests, new discounts, special promotions and provide messages of encouragement. Employees can even review product information on their break.

Mobile Version of Website
The mobile website builder can include all the important components of your official website and translate it into a mobile friendly version. Visitors can navigate your website to take quizzes, polls, feedback and more.

Mobile Project Management
Store all of your project’s information, plans, updates and marketing material on a mobile website with DIY Mobi’s mobile website builder. Information can be updated quickly and is accessible from any Smartphone.

Your workforce is constantly on the move. They’re out of the office, visiting clients, going to work sites and not have time to sit at a computer. They may completely rely on their cell phone to get the latest updates, read latest news, and remain in contact with headquarters.

Instant communication is key for a busy employee, and DIY Mobi serves a suite of technologies that increase visibility and contact. Text message alerts are delivered directly to your employee’s phone without the risk of getting buried in an email box or provide the latest information via a mobile website. Alternatively, the employee accesses all training content by tapping an icon on their Smartphone.

With some companies, 50% or more of their workforce do not use a computer during the day. Communicating information, engaging with them or training them is challenging.

They can access your content on their Smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Employees with hearing disabilities may also require special materials to be trained or hear special speeches from thought leaders in the company.

Broadcasting special announcements, company information, events, benefits and more is easy with DIY Mobi’s mobile website builder. Everything an employee needs to know can be accessible via a QR code, text message, or a link in an email.


TXT MessagingSales Team Text Message Updates
Send out SMS alerts about product information, changes,warranties and price changes with DIY Mobi’s text message platform.

Conference Communication
Our text messaging service is perfect for a company or sales meeting. Alerts and games can be engaging add-ons.

Severe Weather Alerts
Text messaging is the fastest way to ensure your employees will receive critical communications.

Large meetings are often fast-paced and full of new people to meet, making it difficult for employees to stay up-to-date with company news and information. Field teams need a comprehensive and easily accessible communications platform to stay in touch during events.

Our text messaging service instantly connects every department in your organization at all times, allowing field representatives to receive important product updates, news and instructions. Employees on the road can also provide immediate feedback on potential clients, product showcases and industry trends through our mobile services.

Severe weather alerts, closures and emergency information require immediate delivery to all employees in a format that they are certain to receive. Email alert systems and emergency information hotlines are not always accessed in a timely manner, which can cause complications for workers and organizations alike.

Text messaging is the fastest and most responsive way to send alerts for important company updates. Implementing an SMS emergency information system is the best way to ensure that all of your employees will instantly receive critical communications. No matter what your organization’s needs
may be, we provide you with the most effective information tools to maintain the security and safety of your workers.

HR and Benefits

JPGBenefits Package Guide
Employees appreciate accessing all benefit information on their phone, anytime they wish.

HR Handbook
Corporations can upload their HR handbook and training guides so they can be accessible for employees, anytime, anywhere.

Training Guides
Broadcasting special announcements, company information, benefits and more is easy with our mobile website builder. Everything an employee needs can be accessible via a QR code, text message, or a link in an email.

Compliance mandates are more stringent, placing your company under increased scrutiny. With more employees working remotely and HR budgets under pressure, it’s harder for you to keep the entire company accountable.

Create a mobile website with DIY Mobi’s mobile website builder to host all reporting documents, certifications, rules & regulations so that everyone in your organization has easy access to this information. By using our mobile web platform, you can even include mini-training courses and compliance quizzes with results integrated in your LMS. Use our text messaging service to test for compliance too.

Benefits Managers
These days your company’s benefit packages are rapidly changing and becoming more complex. You don’t always have the time and resources to convey constant updates to your entire workforce, especially with employees working from home or spread out geographically.

Converting your employee benefits handbook onto a mobile website allows everyone in your organization to research the available plans, review their options and sign up for a plan at the touch of a button on their Smartphone. When there’s a change to a plan, you can send a text message or email to your employees and direct them to the updated information such as group number, co-pay amount and all benefit packages and options.


AVIText Message Raffles
Our text messaging service allows customers to enter contests, raffles and sweepstakes by texting entry information from their phone or by scanning a QR code.

Adopting an Official Mobile Website
Build a mobile version of your website that can be viewed on any mobile phone or tablet. Videos, audio, text and images are easily accessible and changes can be made instantly via an administrative website.

Collect Client Info
Allow clients to text in their contact information to be added to your lists. Or they can scan a QR code and complete a form on our mobile platform

Raffles, sweepstakes, polls, surveys and contests are a fun and effective
way to energize your existing clientele while attracting new customers. Unfortunately, most entries require electronic forms that cannot be accessed without a computer. Customers often see a contest they would like to enter only to forget all about it by the time they are home.

Our text messaging services allow customers or employees to immediately enter contests, raffles and sweepstakes by texting entry information into their phone (see photo above). Companies can also use our QR code integration or texting services to give clients immediate access to entry forms on mobile-based websites.


Attracting Potential Hires
QR codes can be useful for recruiters as they can take a candidate directly to follow-up information or a job application. QR codes can increase the value of print ads, billboards, posters, business cards and brochures.

Screening Candidates
Create pre-assessment quizzes or surveys. Screen candidates quickly by having them take quizzes directly on their mobile device.

Selecting New Hires
When a candidate is selected for a position, the recruiter’s job is to notify the candidate as soon as possible. There is no better way to communicate than by sending a test message

Corporate Recruiters
When the job market is tough, it makes your job as a recruiter tougher. With a large pool of candidates, it is your job to find the right person for the position. The best candidates will go quickly and communicating with the potential candidate is essential.

With DIY Mobi, we give you the communication tools to attract and retain the best candidates for the position. Using our text messaging platform, you can send out a text alert to all qualified candidates when a position opens up, or send reminders to candidates to complete tasks throughout the hiring process. Text messaging is the quickest and most effective way to communicate with people no matter where they are.

Sales Enablement

excelPrice + Sales Sheets
Every sales tool can be stored on a mobile website and all sales documents are accessible instantly. Sales reps can view, email and even print important materials during a customer meeting.

Tips + Alerts
Send daily or weekly sales tips and alerts, such as product updates, sales goals or upcoming deadlines and meetings, to your sales team. You can even include a link to a video, website or quiz.

Data Repository + Changes
Providing content that can be distributed across a mobile infrastructure allows your salesforce to be effective anywhere in the world. The functionality allows a sales team to access variable data in real-time.

Testing and Compliance

PDFPre + Post Assessments
Provide pre and post training quizzes on your mobile website. Allow employees to take the quiz at their convenience from their mobile phone and all results are captured.

Alerts + Analytics
Run reports anytime to see who passed compliance tests, read a PDF or watched a video.

Independent Contractor Communication
Text message alerts can remind field representatives of important deadlines, meetings and interactive forums. Team managers can also send links to important information, documents and blueprints pertaining to each project.

When testing an employee’s knowledge, you want to measure how far they’ve come and how much information they actually gained from the course. This is crucial to understand the employee’s ability to adapt to the company’s guidelines and can reveal the effectiveness of the quiz.

Provide pre and post quizzes on your mobile website using DIY Mobi’s mobile website builder. Allow employees to take the quiz at their convenience from their mobile phone as all results are capture in an analytical report or sent to your email inbox.

Training Onboard

Create courses on a mobile platform to allow 24/7 access to any employee.

Visual Mobile Training Guide
DIY Mobi’s mobile website can store information such as videos, PDFs, graphs and other information that is essential for your employee to do their best.

QR Code + Service
Place QR codes on equipment and use our mobile platform to store videos, PDFs, documents and everything needed to service that piece of equipment.

Employees are missing messages, claiming they never received the information or misunderstood the messages.

DIY Mobi provides in depth analytics that provide data about who listened to an audio message, or accessed a mobile page. Analytics are available 24/7 on your administrative website and are downloadable in PDF and Excel formats.

You work in an environment that has constant price and product changes. This may be difficult for employees to stay on top of or have the latest information handy for potential clients. They need something that can be easily updated and available for them to read.

Send out SMS alerts about the latest product information, changes, warranties, and recalls with DIY Mobi’s text message platform, with a link to a mobile page to watch a video or read more. (see photo below)

When testing an employee’s knowledge, you want to measure how far they’ve come and how much information they actually gained from the course. This is crucial to understand the employee’s ability to adapt to the company’s guidelines and can reveal the effectiveness of the quiz.

Provide pre and post quizzes on your mobile website using DIY Mobi’s mobile website builder. Allow employees to take the quiz at their convenience from their mobile phone as all results are capture in an analytical report or sent to your email inbox.

In large corporations, new employee orientation can be a challenge and expensive. A lot of money and time must be spent on an individual basis to ensure the employee understands the company’s policy and code of conduct in their first few days of on the job.

Store information that can be useful including the HR handbook, important contacts, and medical plans for new employees using DIY Mobi’s mobile website. With a touch of the button, the employee can obtain the rules and regulations about vacation hours, corporate hours, emergency weather procedures and more by accessing the mobile website from anywhere.