SAFETY NUGGETS™ --- Micro-learning

Safety Nuggets is a micro-learning software solution used to improve the frequency of employee engagement, reinforce their learning and improve performance. A brief question is sent to employees' email or text address. The instant answer provides immediate reinforcement of the information being reviewed. Micro-learning can be knowledge-based content, such as regulations, procedure reviews, product knowledge, or reference information. Employees are engaged and enjoy the daily “wake up call for safety.”

We handle the administration on our micro-learning platform to make it easier for users. No fuss and no muss on your part. Information is delivered to ALL types of devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.) Client administrators have password protected access to robust reports and charts that measure accuracy, participation, and various others reports, such as site location.

Let's work together to provide micro-learning to help employees with knowledge retention and instant recall. The results are astounding when employees are engaged......lower accidents rates, reduced absenteeism and great retention, as well as improved productivity. For additional information, contact us today or review the information below.

SAFETY NUGGETS™ by 21st Century Safety

Solves Training Problems

You cannot reach all of your employees. Studies show 60% are not behind a computer. They are remote and do not work out of an office. You need to share critical safety information with them.

Safety Nuggets sends safety training information to employees in the field using mobile devices.

Although you provide classroom training, research shows 80% of the information is forgotten in 30 days. You want to reinforce training and ensure the message sticks.

Safe nuggets are frequent, spaced micro-learning bites of knowledge sent to employees various devices. The question and answer format reinforces classroom training for great retention. The goal is to anchor the information in the brain.

OSHA wants documented training records. You want an easy way to maintain training records to comply with government training requirements?

Safety Nuggets platform allows you to access your organizations records and build reports various reports on the training program. You have real time access to this information with your personalized log-in.

You are looking for a streamlined incentive program that is easy to administer.

Safety Nuggets maintains participation and accuracy reports for all questions and answers. Set your level of success (i.e. 90% completion and accuracy and employees receive….., 80% on both and employees receive……).

Benefits of Safety Nuggets

  • Expand demographics to reach everyone
  • Retrieve reports in  real-time to view participation and accuracy
  • Creates accountability of employees
  • Decrease training costs
  • Increase retention with frequent and spaced micro-learning
  • Learn outside of the class-room
  • Access at users convenience
  • Obtain quick responses to queries on surveys
  • Customize the questions or use our library
  • Sent conveniently without work schedule interruptions
  • Identify gaps of understanding or knowledge
  • Increase the fun of the learning experience
  • Provide an easy platform for an incentive program
  • Reinforce information provided by other methods (i.e. manuals)

Our Current Ever-Growing Library of Safety Questions:

  • General Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Mine Rescue
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ergonomics
  • Accident Investigation
  • Forklift Safety
  • Safe Driving
    More to come………

OR Provide Questions and Answers for YOUR Specific Needs on Any Topic

Customize Safety Nuggets

Our program can be TOTALLY customized for YOUR needs. Organizations want effective, inexpensive means to increase learning, motivate employees and deliver the same message to employees locally or worldwide. Safety content to reinforce YOUR safety programs. Specific safety material for YOUR niche industry

  • Select which content material to send to employees
  • Include your logo (orders over 100 employees)
  • Select start date
  • Select days of the week (we recommend Monday-Friday)
  • Select frequency of communication (we recommend daily for full impact)
  • Select amount of time for employee to respond (again, we recommend 24 hours, so the questions are not ‘banked’ for end of the week)
  • BYO—Bring your own questions, surveys, etc..
  • Custom question development from your material (service fee)

Create Your Own Material on Subject Matters Beyond Safety:

  • Skills training
  • Sales training
  • Product knowledge
  • Certification training for licenses

ALMOST ANY TOPIC or even create a survey with employee feedback instantly (no longer work down and back up the organization).

If These are Your Challenges, Safety Nuggetsis the solution:

  • Train employees on remote job sites
  • Maintain OSHA compliance with reliable record –keeping
  • Keep costs low