Tips to deal with Stress - by Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety

Dealing with Personal Stress—YIKES!!!

By Isabel Perry April 12, 2017

Stress? What stress? Me? Doesn’t everyone want to pull out their hair? Sound familiar? Some people deal with stress better than others. WE ALL HAVE STRESS. The key is how we cope with it. Personally,…

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Tips for Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills - by Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

Tips for Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

By Isabel Perry April 4, 2017

“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” -Winston Churchill Effective and efficient Problem-Solving and Decision-Making are critical for personal and organizational performance and success. If we fail to identify problems correctly or fail to resolve them properly, the cost…

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Early return to work programs(ERWP) - by Dr. Isabel Perry, 21stCeturySafety.

Early Return to Work Programs (ERWP) Do you have one? Why/why not?

By Isabel Perry March 21, 2017

An employee has been severely injured on the job and will need time to fully recover. He is unable to return to his regular work assignment until he is fully recovered. What do you do?…

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Tips for Success in Change Management - Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

Seven Tips to Lead Change Successfully

By Isabel Perry March 16, 2017

One of the key competencies required of all individuals today is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to any change that comes along. This skill is needed even more in today’s fast-paced and competitive…

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Tips to Ease your backpain - Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh My Aching Back!!!!

By Isabel Perry March 14, 2017

Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace and cost the nation an estimated 20 to 50 billion dollars per year. Watch your back! Abusing it can cause painful…

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Success in safety costs - Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturySafety.

How Bloomingdales Saved $2.2 MILLION in Safety Costs in ONE Year

By Isabel Perry March 9, 2017

Have you tried all the conventional methods for training……classroom training, posters, toolbox-talks, brochures, one-sheet reminders, and even e-learning? Yet, the impact on the bottom line for reducing accidents and reducing costs is not there. Moreover,…

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