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Safety Gap Analysis

Whether you are seeking a review of your safety program or an in-depth “Quantum Leap Audit” of the program, you will want an assessment of your safety program every couple of years. This will enable you to maximize your savings by reducing accidents and costs.

We align our assessment with OSHA Guidelines to ensure compliance in case you ever hear that “knock on the door.”

Safety Gap Analysis

As Jim Collins states in his bestselling book “Good to Great” ----“Good is the enemy of Great.” Isn’t that true with safety programs? When we feel we have developed and maintained a good safety program, we consider our task complete and work to keep it at that level. However, while criss- crossing the country to talk to various organizations, I have the distinct opportunity, and privilege, to find “best of class” segments almost everywhere. By compiling these lists, I feel confident in sharing with new audiences, how to “Take Your Safety Program from Good to Great.”

Attendees are given a list of the 10 elements of a solid safety program…….employee involvement, hazard analysis, contractor safety, etc. In each of the 10 elements, behavioral examples are discussed for each level of maturity of the program.

From that, attendees identify which level of performance they are currently achieving in their organization. From this, they not only learn their current status , but also hear what it would criteria is necessary to take them to the next level of achievement.

Attendees are given the following gap analysis measure:

Overall Score



Outstanding program


Superior program


Basic program


Developmental program


No program or ineffective program


Where does YOUR organization stand? Are you seeking to make improvements, but don’t know where to start or what new ideas to implement?

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“Take Your Safety Program from Good to GREAT!!!”