Safety Speaker... Dr. Isabel Perry

'Speeches That Last A Lifetime'

Meeting planners, event organizers and safety committees must deliver value from the speakers they select.  There is considerable responsibility in selecting the right safety speaker.

In order to be successful, it is important to select a safety speaker who has the experience to 'back-up' their words. Ask yourself this, "have they ever walked in the shoes of a qualified safety professional and know the front line issues?" A combination of knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm is the winning combination in selecting a safety speaker audiences will remember after the applause.

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Dr. Isabel Perry - Safety Consultant Dr. Isabel Perry
Safety Consultant

Education: Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Safety

Experience: Fortune 50 EHS VP with front-line to executive boardroom experience

Eloquence: National Speakers Association-- Professional Member

Edutainment: Valuable content, peppered with humor


Safety is 24/7

Do your employees feel they are working safely:

•  for OSHA?
•  for their company and supervisors?
  for their personal well-being?

A risk-free environment will never exist. Therefore, employees must be self-motivated to develop a “personal safety culture” to reduce accidents. This content filled presentation is fun, lively, entertaining and highly interactive. The message will enable attendees to become self-motivated and embrace safety as a personal value to improve the quality of their lives. After hearing this message, unsafe behaviors are reduced and attendees practice “Safety 24/7.”

This is win-win-win for everyone:

  • Employees are self-motivated to perform safety.
  • Supervisors spend less time enforcing safety.
  • Organizations accident rates are reduced.

Seven Sins of Safety:
Curing Bad Behaviors That Are Predictors of Accidents

Keynote Safety SpeakerThe Seven Sins of Safety are seven at risk behaviors that are often precursors of near misses and, even worse, accidents.

The Safety Doctor™, Dr. Isabel Perry,  will identify these systemic ailments, provide examples based on your industry or environment, and prescribe the safer behavior to help you recognize and cure the problems in your organization. This highly interactive presentation will have attendees out of their seats and fully engaged with the pertinent content. It is an emotional roller-coaster from belly-laughs to sorrowful stories. Audience members leave with demonstration tools they can use back in their workplaces.

C-Suite Leadership Skills:
Lessons Learned in a Fortune 50

Leadership SkillsWhether audience members want to advance to the executive boardroom or solidify their position in the corporation, this content will add value to EVERYONE’S career.

Learn the reality from someone who has been an EHS executive in one of the top 50 corporations in America. This front-line experience COMBINED with current studies provide the content for this candid presentation that motivated audiences crave.

Learning objectives:

Understand the difference between leadership and management skills.
Learn business skills that catapult you to higher levels.
Plan your career and stop waiting.
Avoid the landmines.
Enjoy the journey.

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How Technology Will Impact the Future of Safety:
Solutions by Early Adopters

How Technology Will Impact the Future of SafetyThere is a revolution going on and it is not in Washington, D.C. It's a technology revolution in the workplace and it is EVERYWHERE. But questions remain. What works and what doesn’t? What is affordable? Which platforms deliver results and not hype?

When we analyze the rapid evolution of new technology, we find a range of trends in various stages of development. To uncover what works and what doesn’t, we talked with leaders using emerging technology solutions for their safety program.

Research shows there is much that is on the horizon and will come to market in the near future. Keynote objectives:

  • Understand Methods Best-in-Class Companies are Deploying to Improve Their Safety Programs at Lightning Speeds.
  • Learn How to S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Training Budget by 60% with New Technology.
  • Develop a List of Technology Solutions You Would Like for Your Group

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18 Lessons Learned on the Links:
Safety Management Skills

Safety Leadership Skills"18 Lessons Learned on the Links" is a golf-themed presentation that addresses management skills that are critical to the job. It is a dynamic, entertaining, content-filled presentation that connects the skills with golf terms (i.e. follow-thru, goal-setting, developing strategies, focus). Golfers and non-golfers……all genders and ages….will enjoy this fresh and winning approach to improve success at work and in life.

Golf and management skills are each based on mastering basic fundamentals, making choices and dealing with the consequences of your decisions, learning and listening to others, controlling emotions, and respecting other players. Golf is a game broken into short segments and 'safety management skills" parallels with lessons that can be learned in a quick, easy and entertaining manner to apply immediately.

Employees and supervisors can learn the critical skills for success, while more experienced management employees are reminded of their importance. Audiences are captivated and enjoy the progression to each of the 18 lessons.

Safety ROI:
It's Everyone's Responsibility

Safety ROI: It's Everyone's ResponsibilityWho isn't motivated by money? During this presentation ALL levels of the organization are enlightened on the FINANCIAL impact of safety both professionally and personally. Audiences learn how a $2000 accident can impact the bottom line by $100,000.

This highly energized presentation will motivate EVERYONE to become passionate about safety. By adding audience involvement and company customized slides, audiences feel it's all about them. "Safety ROI" is an emotional roller-coaster, from "ah-ha" moments to heart-warming moments to sustained laughter. See why organizations ADD safety staff after hearing this message.

Safe and Secure Travels:
Across Town or Across the Globe

Safe and Secure TravelThere are no guarantees for TOTALLY safe travel. However, you can reduce the risks of becoming a victim across the globe or in your neighborhood.

Learn tips and techniques to prepare and respond to the unexpected. Use the methods body-guards and the rich and famous have used for years.

From the international road-warrior to the homemaker in the community all will benefit from this informative presentation. It's a 'new world'...are YOU prepared?