Safety Training

Companies have dramatically reduced accidents in one year when using technology to improve their safety training programs. An added benefit is the lower costs of safety training.

Plus, recent brain study research indicates that some forms of newer training solutions help with the retention and recall of information.

We offer a variety of safety training solutions using new technology to help you solve your safety training requirements. Contact us today to have similar results or click the '+' symbol below to learn more.

Introducing Our 2 Microlearning Options...

Sky-rocket the retention of safety information and motivate employees to work safely with our learning platform. Safety Nuggets delivers a brief quiz to all devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers) so ALL employees can participate anytime and anywhere……even remote employees. Robust reports are passcode protected and are available for the organization's administrator to access 24/7.  (learn more)

Reach the entire workforce including those in remote areas with Mobile Toolbox Talks. Maintain robust records for compliance, including accuracy and participation, whether employees are using a smart phone, tablet or desktop device. Each ‘talk’ includes a short video followed by a brief quiz to reinforce learning.  (learn more)

Your employees can learn new safety information or reinforce learning with action-oriented board games that have challenging TV type, sport and hobby themes.

Employees have fun as they answer questions and advance to the goal line. Keep employees engaged while learning many critical safety principles.

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Maintaining a DVD library is not cost defective, plus the content becomes outdated. Streaming Video on Demand (VOD) keeps information current and is more cost-effective. VOD enables you to provide a consistent level of training to all of your employees, regardless of their location or work schedules. AND, new hires can have their safety orientation as soon as they walk in the door.

Our streaming videos provide a safety training program for your employees, anytime, anywhere on any device.… in the classroom or at individual worksites. Over 150 courses are in English AND Spanish. Contact us today to help you set up your safety training program. It's SAFETY TRAINING IN A BOX.


Rapidly build mobile web apps to communicate critical real-time data for employees to access anytime, anywhere and on any device. You no longer need an IT programmer with our easy to use "drag-and-drop" program.

Reach your most remote employees with the same consistent message 24/7. Our affordable, easy to use, DIY Mobi platform allows you to create and share spreadsheets, PDF’s, video, audio, text, and images through a mobile phone with “the click of a key.” DIY Mobi saves critical time and money. (Learn More)