Research has shown that there are seven competencies or factors that contribute to good goal setting skills.

In itself, the activity of establishing goals and objectives is part of a general process of planning for the future. Goal setting provides a language from a broad intention to a tangible step or task that is likely to achieve the intent in some manner. Goals do little to motivate in themselves unless other steps are taken. The seven skills below create the inspiration for us to stick to the task. They help us understand more about our relative skills in each critical area.

Communication and Engagement Seek a variety of ways to engage people in conversations about future goals and targets. Make mental notes about useful ideas and suggestions that can be drawn upon to describe how objectives might be pursued in a cooperative and positive way by everyone. Ask this question, "How well do you create a climate in which people feel that their input into identifying and assessing objectives is valued and give their best efforts to help achieve the targets set for them?"

Motivation and Commitment Be clear about what has to be achieved but give people plenty of room to comment on how it is to be done. Encourage individuals not to accept average performance and to stretch toward higher goals enthusiastically. Ask this question, "How well do you find creative ways to challenge people to work hard toward a target and help them overcome new hurdles when "the going gets tough?"

Vision Clarity Look to take an interest in what the future might hold by listening and reading and talking about leading-edge thinking or concepts (and reflect upon the impact of what could happen in your own organization or world). Aim to turn your broad ideas to a specific picture that can be communicated to others in a compelling way. Ask this question, "How well do you imagine a clear and compelling picture of what could occur to inspire yourself and others to want to change what tey are doing now to achieve it?

Direction and Target Setting Start setting clear goals for yourself and use the experience to set broader targets that are concise and action oriented that others find clear and easy to follow. Learn to keep checking with your written goals to ensure that they remain realistic and that you stay on track. Ask this question, "How effectively do you select from the range of possible alternative courses of action to describe tangible goals and ways and means of achieving them?"

Planning and Organizing Talk to people about their priorities and commitments before estimating how much time, effort, and resources might be necessary to achieve particular goals. Use this experience to build appropriate lead times into goals or to plan and organize people to help where this is necessary and appropriate. Ask this question, "How well do you orchestrate yourself, the resources and time available to you, and the peopel around you, to give yourself the best possible chance to achieve your objectives successfully?"

Measurement and Milestones Review your written goals and targets to ensure that they have appropriate staging posts and specific performance indicators that are relevant and capable of being influenced by your efforts or those immediately around you. Ask this question, "How effectively do you establish performance benchmarks for your major objectives and break your journey into suitable parts to reach your targets?"

Results Focus Guide yourself and others away from goals that lead to wasted or low-value effort and aim to write and work on goals that lead to worthwhile outcomes that take you or the organization forward to genuinely better places. Applaud people's commitment and persistence to follow through strongly and consistently. Ask this question, "How tough are you on yourself and others in accepting only outcomes that add real value or represent measurable achievements that can be recognized and rewarded accordingly?"

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