Smart Jewellery gifts for your Girls and Women - by Dr.Isabel Perry, 21stCenturysafety

Are you seeking a HIGHLY UNIQUE and VALUABLE gift that shows you love them? Does the person have everything? How about smart jewelry for personal safety? With the advent of wearable technology, it may be a low-cost bodyguard to bring a loved one (or you) home safe and sound.

Below are a few options:

  • Artemis---Smart jewelry. When you sense danger just tap the device three times to activate it. The device then starts audio recording and calls your emergency contacts to let them know your location. If you activate the sensor by accident you just deactivate it via your smartphone.
  • Safelet -- A bracelet that notifies your contacts about where you are. You activate it by clicking on the button located on the bracelet. The bracelet is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and is equipped with a microphone so the attack can be audio recorded which can also be used as evidence during the court trial.
  • Stilleto --- Jewelry that is embedded with a microphone, vibration motor, and alert speaker. A good thing about it that is water resistant. Not only that it calls 911 for the USA consumers it also calls other emergency contacts around the world.
  • Charm Alarm--- Anti-Theft. The system includes a piece of jewelry and a smart card which you put in your wallet. If your wallet or bag is suddenly moving away from you, the smart card activates a loud alarm so the thief knows he is being caught. The Charm also notifies the movement of your belongings by flashing and vibrating on your wrist.

More than a handful of similar wearable devices have been conceived in an effort to reduce assaults against women, many via crowdfunding campaigns. However, limiting these devices to just women is a mistake. Emergency wearables can be highly beneficial to a wide range of people (i.e. people working alone/remote, 24-hour stores).

If you know of additional devices, please leave a comment and share the information with others. You may be saving a life. Thank you!

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